Tax Assessor-Collector Conversion

Dear MUD 46 Residents:

The Board of Directors has taken measures to simplify the taxpaying process and to save MUD residents taxes. The Board of Directors voted to use the Fort Bend County Tax Assessor-Collector to collect MUD taxes, saving MUD residents money and consolidating your tax bill.

Effective April 1, 2020, Fort Bend County will assume delinquent tax collections for the District, and your MUD 46 taxes will be included on your tax bill from Fort Bend County for 2021.

You will not receive a separate bill from MUD 46. To obtain a copy of your bill, please contact the Fort Bend County Tax Assessor-Collector at 281-342-3411.

Tax Savings Opportunities

Fort Bend County Commissioner Ken R. DeMerchant on Tuesday announced that yet another entity has taken steps in the right direction to generate tax savings for its residents. Municipal Utility District (MUD) 46 became the newest member to join in an Interlocal Agreement with Fort Bend County Tax Assessor/Collector. In doing so they will receive a 97% savings.

Last year Commissioner DeMerchant worked closely with Levee Improvement District (LID) 14 to find ways to lower the tax burden on its residents. The result was a 22% tax cut and a tax savings of 4 cents for each of its residents. By working out an agreement with LID 14 to collect LID taxes using the Fort Bend County Tax Assessor/Collector, assisted in a LID tax savings of 98%.

As promised Commissioner DeMerchant continues to evaluate, analyze, and brainstorm on fresh and innovative ways to pass on tax savings to the residents of Precinct 4.

DeMerchant stated, “It’s working smarter to find alternative solutions such as reducing wasteful spending and using those savings where they matter most, is what is important for the wellbeing of our County.”

Belmont Shore Trail Project Update

The Belmont Shore Trail project is nearing completion. Installation of landscaping and irrigation will be completed this month so we can ring in the New Year with this completed project.

FEMA 2.0 – Risk Rating

Recognizing that purchasing flood insurance can be confusing, FEMA, through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is redesigning its risk rating system to improve the policyholder experience. “Risk Rating 2.0” aims to leverage best industry practices in hopes of better reflecting a property’s unique flood risk. The current rating methodology has not changed since the 1970s and is heavily dependent on the 1-percent-annual-chance-event, whereas Risk Rating 2.0 will incorporate a broader range of flood frequencies. FEMA will pair new technology with the NFIP’s mapping data to establish a new risk-informed rating plan. FEMA is hopeful that these models, in combination with the ability to leverage the mapping data will provide a better understanding of risk. FEMA is also building a new rating engine to help agents easily price and sell policies, and help policyholders to better understand their property’s flood risk. New rates for all single-family homes will go into effect nationwide on October 1, 2020.

Ken R. DeMerchant, the County Commissioner for Fort Bend County – Precinct 4, has written a letter to Senators Cornyn and Cruz, and Congressmen Green and Olson regarding his concerns about the potential negative impact Risk Rating 2.0 could have on residents’ insurance policies. Among other issues, Commissioner DeMerchant seeks to make sure that Risk Rating 2.0 does not make flood insurance unaffordable or punish residents that currently carry flood insurance. Moreover, Commissioner DeMerchant voices his concern about whether the program would acknowledge local efforts to mitigate flood risks, as the Fort Bend County levee system has provided significant protection. Commissioner DeMerchant has asked that residents of Precinct 4 support his letter and work to stop any negative impacts from Risk Rating 2.0 to help ensure that any new NFIP authorizations take into consideration Fort Bend County’s successful efforts to build and maintain flood control infrastructure. You can view Commissioner DeMerchant’s letter and vote your agreement with his letter at the following website: It is very important to show your support for Commissioner DeMerchant in this matter as Risk Rating 2.0 could adversely affect residents within the precinct and District.

Learn more about Risk Rating 2.0 here:

Update: Park Construction

Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 46 has kicked off construction on a loop trail around the existing detention basin off of Belmont Shores Lane. The trail will be concrete and include mileage markers, an educational sign, benches and landscaped nodes.