Proposed Storm Water Pump Station

The Board of Directors for Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 46 (the “District”) has authorized the design of a storm water pump station facility to provide additional flood protection for residents of the District.  The District previously sold infrastructure bonds for the project in 2018, and the project is not anticipated to increase the District’s tax rate.

The proposed pump station will be located at the existing District drainage outfall structure south of Bethany Bay Drive and generally just northeast of the Elkins High School campus. See the site layout that has been provided.

Over the past several years, the District has experienced numerous high water events on the Brazos River and has had to bring in temporary pumps to evacuate accumulated rainfall from the District because of restricted gravity outfall during these Brazos River events.  The District engaged a study to determine the size of the pump station to minimize risk to residents of structural flooding in the District.  The proposed 29,000 gallon per minute pump station will only be in operation when gravity outfall is restricted.  The pump station will normally be operated on electrical power but the District is also including an emergency backup generator so that the pump station is still operational during electrical outages.  Construction of the pump station should begin Q1 2021 and is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2021.

Temporary Shut Down of Regional Surface Water Treatment Plant

As you may be aware, residents in Colony Lakes and Pebble Creek are provided with water from the City of Missouri City’s (“City”) surface water plant. As part of the City’s planned expansion of the water plant to double the water supply capacity, the City has notified the District serving these communities that a planned shut-down of the City’s water plant will take place from May 4 through May 7, 2020, to prepare the site for future construction. The shutdown impact area is depicted in the map included in this notice. During this temporary shut-down, the District will utilize groundwater wells to provide adequate water supplies to its residents.

At this time, the District does not anticipate any issues regarding water quality or disruption of service. However, the City has notified the District that based on previous experience, some residents may detect subtle changes in the taste or odor of water when this switch is made. The City and the District monitor and test water quality daily to ensure that water being delivered to residents meets all applicable standards related to drinking water.

If you have any concerns regarding your water, please contact the District’s operator at 832-490-1600.

SWTP Shutdown Impact Area