Tropical Storm Beta UPDATE: 9/19/20 6:45pm

Tropical Storm Beta has tightened up projections on path and rainfall. As of now, we are seeing a path into Matagorda County and moving Northeast along the coast of Texas and into Louisiana. Rains in the Fort Bend County area are to begin Sunday morning and progress throughout the week dropping a projected 4-6” over 5 days into Thursday 9/24. LMS is making final preparations in all districts per LID EAPs and will patrol each district throughout the week to insure proper drainage.

The Brazos River is currently still below Action Stage, sitting at 14ft which allows all districts to be able to drain water via gravity flow. At this time, predictions are showing the rainfall along the Brazos River watershed to be minimal, so it is possible we will remain on gravity flow for the duration of this Tropical Storm. Please note, as always, during high intensity rains you can expect high water throughout the district and severe street flooding until areas are able to drain.

Please refer to the Fort Bend County Homeland Security and Emergency Management website for accurate information throughout the week.