Name of District

(HB 305, Section 2051.202)

Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 46

Name and Term of Office for Each Board Member

(HB 305, Section 26.18, Section 2051.202)

Rajneesh “Raj” Rauniyar, President (Term Expires: May 2027)
Shirley Buckhanon-Mouton, Vice President (Term Expires: May 2025)
Shelley Winn, Secretary (Term Expires: May 2025)
Jerry Lee Hubbard, Assistant Secretary (Term Expires: May 2027)
Sonal Shah, Treasurer (Term Expires: May 2027)

Contact Information for Main Office of District (Mailing and Physical Address, and Phone Number)

(Section 26.18, Section 2051.202)

℅ Polley Garza PLLC
1401 Enclave Parkway, Suite 625, Houston, Texas 77077
(346) 440-1147

Official Contact Information for Each Board Member

(Section 26.18, Section 2051.202)

Same as contact information for main office of district.

If Applicable, Name of the General Manager

(Section 2051.202)


The Name of the Person Representing the Operator, Including a Mailing Address and Telephone Number

(Section 2051.202)

Matt Brown
Si Environmental LLC
6420 Reading Road
Rosenberg, Texas 77471
Office: (832) 490-1500

The Name of the Person Representing the Tax Assessor/Collector, Including Mailing Address and Telephone Number

(Section 2051.202)

Jennifer Brogdon, Account Manager
Fort Bend County Tax Office
1317 Eugene Heimann Circle
Richmond, Texas 77469
Office: (281) 342-3411

The Rate of the Ad Valorem Tax

(Section 2051.202)


If Applicable, the Sales and Use Tax Rate

(Section 2051.202)


Any Tax Rate Hearing Notice

(Section 2051.202)

Location and Schedule of Meeting of the District

(Section 2051.202)

Location: Old Hickory Inn, 3334 F.M. 1092, No. 400 Township Center, Missouri City, Texas 77459
Schedule: The District generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 11:00 a.m.

A Statement that the Residents Have a Right to Request a Designation of a Meeting Location Within the District

(Section 2051.202)

Residents of the District have the right to request the designation of a meeting location within the District under Section 49.062(g), Water Code. A description of this process can be found at

Each Meeting Notice and Minutes of Meetings for the Current Year and the Preceding 12 Months

(Section 2051.202)

Information about the District’s agenda and minutes are available by clicking on this link.

Budget Information

(Section 26.18)

The taxing unit’s budget for the preceding two years:

The taxing unit’s proposed or adopted budget for the current year:

The change in the amount of the taxing unit’s budget from the preceding year to the current year:

  • Revenue – $200,055.00, 10.53%
  • Expenses – $250,200.00, 13.17%

The amount of property tax revenue budgeted for maintenance and operations for the preceding two years and current year:

  • 2022: $616,718.00
  • 2023: $869,845.00
  • 2024: $972,823.00

The amount of property tax revenue budgeted for debt service for the preceding two years and current year:

  • 2022: $1,911,825.00
  • 2023: $1,252,576.00
  • 2024: $1,167,387.00

Tax Information

(Section 26.18)

The maintenance and operations tax rate for the preceding two years:

  • 2021: $0.20
  • 2022: $0.25

The proposed maintenance and operations tax rate for the current year:

  • 2023: $0.25

The debt service tax rate for the preceding two years:

  • 2021: $0.62
  • 2022: $0.36

The proposed debt service tax rate for the current year:

  • 2023: $0.30

Financial Information

(Section 140.008, Section 26.18, Section 2051.202)

 The most recent financial audit:

Additional information about the District’s financial reports are available by clicking on this link.

District Documents

(HB 2815)

Conflict of Interest Disclosures

(Texas Local Government Code Chapter 176)

Energy Consumption Reports

(Texas Government Code Section 2265)

Information about the District’s energy consumption is available by clicking on this link.

Landowner’s Bill of Rights

(Texas Government Code Section 402)

Information regarding the Landowner’s Bill of Rights can be found on the Texas Attorney General’s website.

Election Information

(HB 305)
Elections – Bonds

The District does not currently have a pending bond election.

Elections – Director/General Election

The District’s next Board of Directors Election is scheduled to be held on May 3, 2025. The location of the Election will be determined upon the District formally ordering the Election and will be then posted on the District’s website.

Interested applicants should request an Application for Place on Ballot from the District’s Designated Agent for Elections, Polley Garza PLLC, by contacting Kimberly Newman at or 346-440-1147.

Deadline for Filing for Candidacy:

The deadline to file an application for a place on the May 3, 2025 General Election Ballot is February 14, 2025 at 5:00 p.m. The first day that such application may be filed is January 15, 2025.

Requirements for filing for Candidacy:

To be eligible to be a candidate for the position of Director of the District, a person must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old;
  2. Be a resident citizen of the State of Texas; and
  3. Either own land subject to taxation in the District or be a qualified voter within the District.
Elección de Directores/General

La próxima Elección General del Distrito está programada para celebrarse el 3 de mayo de 2025. El lugar de la Elección se determinará cuando el Distrito ordene formalmente la Elección y luego se publicará en el sitio web del Distrito.

Los candidatos interesados deben pedir una Solicitud de un Lugar en la Boleta de Votación al Agente Electoral Designado del Distrito, Polley Garza PLLC, poniéndose en contacto con Kimberly Newman en o llamando al 346-440-1147.

Fecha límite para presentar la candidatura:

El último día para presentar una solicitud de un lugar en la boleta de votación de la Elección General del 3 de mayo de 2025 es el 14 de febrero de 2025 a las 5:00 p.m. El primer día en que se puede presentar dicha solicitud es el 15 de enero de 2025.

Requisitos para presentar la candidatura:

Para ser elegible para ser candidato al cargo de Director del Distrito, es obligatorio:

  1. Tener, como mínimo, 18 años;
  2. Ser ciudadano residente del Estado de Texas, y
  3. Ser propietario de un terreno sujeto a impuestos en el Distrito o ser un votante habilitado dentro del Distrito.
Election – Documents