May 20, 10:00 AM – Brazos River Update – Brazos River in Action Stage / Forecast to Reach Minor Flood Stage / Hot and Humid Conditions for the Week

As of 9:15 AM on May 20, 2024, the Brazos River in Richmond is in Action Stage and is currently at Gage Elevation 44.52 feet. The WGRFC forecast is showing the Brazos River through Richmond peaking just above Minor Flood Stage at Gage Elevation 45.20. This is approximately 0.5 feet lower than the peak last week. Below is a summary of the gages downstream of Hempstead.

The NWS forecast is calling for hot and humid conditions throughout the week as the lower Brazos River Watershed experiences an extended period of sunny to partly cloudy skies with low rain chances. The 7-Day Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF) is showing the lower Brazos River Watershed receiving less than ¼ inch of rain over the next 7 days. Based  on the current forecast, no major flooding due to the Brazos River through Fort Bend County is anticipated.

District personnel will continue to monitor forecasts and conditions within the District while the Brazos River continues to be elevated; however, activity around the Pump Station should generally return to more routine operations. If residents have any concerns or questions, please contact the District at